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Narcissistic Abuse
Victims Foundation

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We are a narcissistic abuse support group.
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Narcissistic Abuse
Victims Foundation

We are a nonprofit foundation founded with the sole purpose
of helping the victims of narcissistic abuse. There are many
types of abuse, but narcissistic abuse is a particular kind of
abuse that can have devastating consequences to families.
In our experience, there can be many types of abusive people.
For example, individuals with anti-social personality disorder
or alcoholism can be abusive. Typically, however, the
perpetrators in those situations are quite obviously the
abusers. Abuse is easy to identify in the case of an alcoholic
abuser or in cases where the abuse has obvious physical

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Various Causes


We combat the poverty that narcissistic abusers seek to impose upon their victims. Our generous philanthropists and donors stand in solidarity with the victims of a narcissist. In the end, if we sustain the fight long enough, it is the narcissistic who ends up impoverished because of his unrelenting desire to continue the legal fighting.

$54,000 / $1,00,000


Legal Abuse Syndrome

The quintessential high-functioning narcissist (usually also a psychopath) is charming, professionally accomplished, a leader in his field, and persuasive. His preferred method of abuse is to use the legal system to impose the harm on his victim. He plans his legal assaults for family court; begins secret recordings months in advance; orchestrates circumstances to support his narrative that his victim is “mentally ill” and he is fond of doing Google searches for what constitutes things like borderline personality disorder or Munchhausen by Proxy Syndrome. He then starts crafting a narrative based on his “research.” He presents this to the courts in surprise-attack fashion. Often, this strategy can work with unsuspecting judges (which are most judges), but as the years pass, the falsity of the narcissist’s allegations becomes clear.

$225,000 / $4,000,000



We take an active role in seeking to educate the public, lawyers and judges on the techniques used by narcissistic abusers. We also encourage the public to file ethics grievances against lawyers who repeat the verifiably false statements of their narcissistic clients. Often, third party experts will identify the patterns of behavior that are consistent with narcissistic abusers. The abusers deny these reports on the grounds that the experts did not interview them. Regardless, we know from experience that the pattern of behavior is so consistent that the assessment that one party has a narcissistic personality, lacking in empathy and focused on his own achievements, is an attenuated way of alluding to the reality of the existence of a narcissistic abuser. We seek to educate the public on their patterns of behavior.

$54,000 / $1,00,000


Kindness Towards Humanity

What we do

We identify the most egregious cases of narcissistic abuse.
These cases almost always involve legal cases and what we
call legal abuse syndrome. We assist by providing funding for
legal fees, payment of judgments, child support, and other
tactical costs. We have a vast network of legal and medical
professionals, and we can assist by leveraging this network.
When we step in to fund a victim’s legal battles and pay her
costs, it levels the playing field and depletes the assets of the
abuser, thus allowing the victim to fight back. Further, we take
away a means of the narcissist gaining a high from causing
financial harm to his victim. So, the more the narcissistic
psychopath inflames and perpetuates litigation, the more it
costs him while not costing our clients. The cost to help the
victim is borne by our generous and extensive network of
donors and philanthropists. We also go after the lawyers who

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These individuals, if they do marry, will typically marry in their early 40s for the very first time. They tend to not settle down and are constantly bouncing from one woman to the next. They tend also to not like the idea of settling down in one place and typically have a history of moving around and living in different places.



They typically like to cite their accomplishments and if they do have an Ivy League education, they are quick to talk about their credentials. They also tend to surround themselves with people based upon those peoples’ resumes and what those people can do for them.



Narcissists are unable to put themselves in your shoes, they have a double standard, and they think the world serves them. They cannot empathize with anybody else.  They demand information from others that they are not willing to provide about themselves and have a total inability to see that the world does not revolve around them.  The also seek constant control.  The idea of not being in control is unacceptable to a narcissist.

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