Narcissistic Abuse
Victims Foundation

We are a nonprofit foundation founded with the sole purpose
of helping the victims of narcissistic abuse. There are many
types of abuse, but narcissistic abuse is a particular kind of
abuse that can have devastating consequences to families.
In our experience, there can be many types of abusive people.
For example, individuals with anti-social personality disorder
or alcoholism can be abusive. Typically, however, the
perpetrators in those situations are quite obviously the
abusers. Abuse is easy to identify in thecase of an alcoholic
abuser or in cases where the abuse has obvious physical
But narcissistic abuse, perpetrated by high-functioning
charismatic psychopathic narcissists is harder for outside,
casual observers to identify.

The perpetrators tend to be highly intelligent, professional-appearing, charming, charismatic, and accomplished. They have a way of making people want to believe them. They have a way of getting lawyers and the court system to back them and believe their stories. They also have a total lack of empathy and a total absence of any introspective awareness of their contribution to a relationship problem.
We are particularly focused on leveling the playing field for those involved in legal battles with Narcissists and provide narcissistic abuse online counselor. The consequence of narcissistic rage and abuse can of course have physical consequences, and there are many foundations to help battered women, etc. But there are comparatively few resources available to women and men who have been the victims of the legal system when it has been manipulated by an intelligent, charismatic, psychopathic narcissist. Keep in mind that not all narcissists are psychopaths, but all psychopaths are narcissists. Their profile is one of high-functioning competence; they gain support of those they interact with and appear charming and likeable. Moreover, they have a way of making people believe them. They are crafty, manipulative, devious, and they lie with impunity—even under oath.
These individuals are imbued with a sense that they deserve special treatment and if you did not accept their abuse, then you must be destroyed. They feel an incredible desire to control their victims and remain involved with their victims as a means of narcissistic supply and gain a narcissistic high off feeling like they are dominating their victims.
This is one of their biggest dangers. They can turn the court system against their victims. They seek to destroy their victims using the legal system. They try to create excessive litigation as a means of breaking you financially. Part of it is intentional and the part is that their narcissism will not let them compromise. They must feel like they won and, most importantly, they must feel like they destroyed you. They are often sadistic. They are often highly accomplished individuals in finance, management, the military, politics, sports, and business. As such, they typically are well financed. Yet, they will engineer ways of trying to get their victims to pay them—as a means of gaining a narcissistic high. Lately, our organization has seen an influx of victims whose narcissistic psychopathic ex-spouses are management or leadership consultants who have studied the art of manipulation and gaining the following of others.
What’s worse is that narcissistic psychopaths tend to hire lawyers who are also narcissistic and known to care more about money than being honest. They will also milk the narcissist for all his money because they know the narcissist enjoys fighting and will not pass up an opportunity to attack his ex-spouse. This can play into the hands of the victims if handled correctly.
But back to our purpose. Due to the generosity of our donors throughout the world and the purpose and leadership of our Board of Directors, we can provide counselling for narcissistic abuse victims.

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