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How to Spot the Malignant Narcissist

Typically, these individuals plan their legal action against their victims for a long time in advance. They will concoct narratives and build a paper trail using
manipulated circumstances to later support their legal assault. This is a clear sign that you’re dealing with a very malignant psychopathic narcissist. They
engage in the use of surreptitious recordings, fabricating reasons to call the police, and they will begin a campaign of trying to generate documentation to
try to make you appear as if you’re mentally ill. If you have children, they will use this as a means of trying to take custody away from you. They will often try
to portray you as a drug abuser, or a violent person. They go around insisting that you’re unstable and they generally try to make you appear as if you’re crazy.
We see this pattern repeatedly in the very high functioning, highly intelligent psychopathic narcissists. They tend to be obsessed about the details and they
craft their stories as if they were writing a screenplay. They typically tend to be very much into motion pictures and cinema and their theatrical flair is often
brought into their planning in the pre litigation phases. They tell elaborate detailed stories, they distort things, they flat out lie. We have even seen some
cases where these narcissistic psychopath goes so far as to claim under oath that they are religious and that lying is against their nature–yet they have not
set foot inside a church in years.
They also feel that they somehow were wronged because you didn’t behave the way they thought you should during the relationship, and they will often
seek to get money back from you for items they paid for during the marriage, such as contributions towards rent or mortgage in common household
expenses. If you have children involved, they will also generally claim that you are so crazy dangerous that your time with your children must be supervised.
Deep down they know that you don’t need to be supervised, but they gain a narcissistic high off of controlling you to this level, and they are voyeuristic
in the sense that they want somebody in your home watching you and reporting back to them.
If you’re female, these narcissistic psychopaths will typically hire a very aggressive female lawyer because they reason that a male lawyer will be seen as
bullying you but in reality the female lawyer they choose is usually like a pit viper. In our experience, we’ve used this factor to our clients’ advantage over the
years because these types of lawyers will continue to inflame litigation and it can destroy the narcissist financially. It does not destroy our clients because
our philanthropists and donors are paying her costs and so we use this as a means of trying to cause the narcissist to spend himself out of the case.
In his personal life, the narcissist spends most of his time trying to obtain the accolades and praise of others. He is usually obsessed with how others view
him and his own image. When it comes to members of the opposite sex, he typically likes to have a group of women that he flirts with and maintains unusual
relationships with. He will typically maintain relationships with ex-lovers, and often, in the cases involving severe psychopaths, he will maintain a dossier on
each of his ex-lovers and he will obsess over them. If this occurs, our psychiatric experts believe that you’re dealing with a very sick person who is at the
extreme end of the narcissistic psychopathic spectrum. These individuals will typically push too far and overtime, their extremism is the very thing that does the men. Sadly, most victims can never see the case through to that end where the narcissistic psychopath self-destruct’s because they cannot sustain the
fight financially. But with our help, our victims can maintain the fight and often gain a superior financial advantage over the narcissist. They’re almost always
into pornography but justify it based on their interest in being a film critic. They are almost always unfaithful in relationships, and they almost often come from broken homes where the father or the other parent had similar tendencies. Ironically, we’ve known some cases where the narcissist has admitted that
his or her father did torment their mother, bit they end up repeating the same pattern of tormenting their own ex-spouse in the same way it was expressed
in their own families growing up.