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What we do

We identify the most egregious cases of narcissistic abuse.
These cases almost always involve legal cases and what we
call legal abuse syndrome. We assist by providing funding for
legal fees, payment of judgments, child support, and other
tactical costs. We have a vast network of legal and medical
professionals, and we can assist by leveraging this network.
When we step in to fund a victim’s legal battles and pay her
costs, it levels the playing field and depletes the assets of the
abuser, thus allowing the victim to fight back. Further, we take
away a means of the narcissist gaining a high from causing
financial harm to his victim. So, the more the narcissistic
psychopath inflames and perpetuates litigation, the more it
costs him while not costing our clients. The cost to help the
victim is borne by our generous and extensive network of
donors and philanthropists. We also go after the lawyers who

allow themselves to be used by the narcissist. Frequently, the lawyers hired by the narcissists tend to get sucked into the vortex, and soon they begin submitting false evidence to the courts in violation of the rules of professional ethics. In addition, they will violate court orders regarding things like discovery and depositions, and they will seek to delay and drag out cases for no legitimate reason other than to delay. We take an active role in bringing professional ethics cases
against these attorneys.
We cannot help everyone. We review all inquiries and assist in the most egregious cases. These are cases involving extremely well-financed, charming, and malignant psychopathic narcissists. These are the most challenging cases. If your perpetrator is an obvious bad guy or jerk, then chances are his is not the cunning psychopathic narcissistic that can inflict the most damage.
With our help, all the financial burden can be removed, and we provide access to our network of professionals who can help. We successfully turn the narcissists tendencies around on him, so to as cause him to self-destruct.
You may contact us by using the form on this site for getting legal abuse syndrome family court legal services. We receive many requests, and it could take many weeks to get back to you. So please be patient. If we accept your case, we will reach out to you privately and discreetly.

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